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What Is This Website

This website introduces me, a self-taught programmer, and the projects I have made. Scroll down to learn more.

Who Is This

I am sixteen years old and code in my free time. For programming languages I prefer using Javascript and Python, through which I work most of the time, but I also have some expertise in Swift and C#. With Python I create machine learning models using the PyTorch library.

Applications I Have Programmed

Sentinel is an intelligent cloud anticheat utilising my pretrained machine learning models, for Minecraft servers.
Unfair advantages have for long been a problem in video games. Sentinel aims to combat that problem with its machine-learning-enhanced analysis.
Under the hood, a plugin tracks player movement and sends requests to our servers for analysis. The current models seamlessly detect any usage of baritone, which is a cheat client automating player movement to progress forward in the game while the player is absent.
Watch Together synchronises YouTube videos between clients.
Whether you want to watch YouTube videos together or just listen to music with your friends, Watch Together is the platform tailored to your needs.
YouTube videos are synchronised between connected devices to add a real social aspect to your YouTube experience. Have fun watching!

Wildlife Camera

example image with a hedgehod captured at nighttime
hedgehog found during testingsee more
Project Wildlife Camera (German: Wildtierkamera) was made for my aunts and aims to give an insight into which animals graze on vegetable from their garden.
My two aunts asked me to build a wildlife camera with night vision capabilities to monitor their garden and hopefully catch a glimpse of an animal.
A Raspberry Pi inside a birdhouse with a motion sensor and a camera automatically captures images and uploads them to my server through phone hotspots.



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Lastcloud enhances personal cloud storage by offering a slim user interface allowing to switch ZFS flags and create snapshots.
The current feature set includes: minimalistic file and folder management, dynamic image previews, seamless video streaming and browser download resumption.
New features were added continuously with plans to reach the comprehensiveness of Nextcloud's Files site, however, I soon realised integrating Lastcloud into operating systems won't be worth the effort but necessary for proper use and cancelled the project.



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English Words from Booksadvanced language
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brainTrain enables me to learn vocabulary digitally, at any time in a motivated manner with its appealing user interface.
With brainTrain, I learn my vocabulary for school effectively, while background images enhance my experience.
This website is my first NextJS project, which I am still using for school work.

What I Do in My Free Time



Listen to Für Elise
Listen to Praeludium in C von Johann Sebastian Bach

Contact Me

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Discord: .france1
Github: arch-user-france1

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